Hey, check out my Modern Python Projects course. It's an extended version of this workshop!


In this workshop, you learned how to set up your computer for writing Python projects. We started with customizing VS Code editor, then we learned how to manage Python with its dependencies in a bullet-proof way, and finally - how to structure a Python project. Finally, we built a small TODO application, wrote some tests, documentation, and learned how to deploy it on a different computer using Docker.

I hope you followed along. If you got lost somewhere on the way or if you have some questions that I didn’t answer, you can always contact me on LinkedIn or through my website.

If you enjoyed this workshop and would like to learn more - I have a 2-day long version of this workshop. The first day covers Python tools and best practices in much more detail. On the second day, you learn how to deploy your application (this time - a production-ready, secure, and optimized version).